Broederij Torsius

Broederij Torsius is a Dutch hatchery that has gained a wealth of experience since its start back in the fifties. Nowadays, the company keeps itself occupied with hatching Cobb parent stock. Cobb is commonly known for its quick growth rate, low feed conversion rate and excellent meat quality. Since the establishment in 1953, the hatchery has been passed down from father to son and marked its start as a true family business when the second Torsius generation took over in 1995.

At our hatchery, we do everything possible to hatch strong and healthy chicks. We invite you to browse through our website to see how we work.


The hatchery

Now and then

Broederij Torsius is a family owned hatchery, equipped with years of experience. Read more about the hatchery, how we work and our history.

Scroll through the past by taking a look at the pictures gathered over the years.

hatchery inventory

How we work

The hatching process

How does the hatching process work and how do we meet the quality standard? Hatching strong and healthy chicks demands experience and know-how.

We gladly explain the stages of the hatchery lifecycle on this part of the website.

hatchcon building


Hatchery supplies

Designing, installing and operating a hatchery is in many ways challenging. Hatchcon supports hatcheries worldwide in all hatchery fields.

Find out why Hatchcon was started and how they support their customers.

Map Torsius


Get in touch

Broederij Torsius is located in Putten, The Netherlands. Do you have a question or would you like to get in touch? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our address and contact information can be obtained on this part of the website.

Contact Us

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