A peek behind the scenes

Our modern hatchery is fully equipped with state of the art inventory. The pictures on the side illustrate the cycle the eggs go through to become a vital day old chick. Several stages can be identified to fully complete the process: arrival and fumigation, pre-heating, 18 days of pre-hatching, candling, the incubator and finally sexing after which the chicks are send out to the domestic and international customers.

To get more detailed information of this process, please take a look at this page.


How it all started

What started out as a modest company in 1953,  successfully matured into an internationally operating hatchery. It was back in the fifties when Willem Torsius found the hatchery in Putten, The Netherlands.

From an early age Willem Torsius took his son, John, by the hand and taught him all there was to know about the industry. When John took over in 1995, the company became a true family business. Nowadays, the hatchery is one of the two European Cobb parent stock farms.

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