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Combining over two decades of experience with running a modern-day hatchery, passion for poultry with a hands-on mentality resulted in in the start of Hatchcon in 2000. Being raised near the hatchery laid the foundation for John Torsius, current owner and second generation, to start a internationally operating company specialized in poultry supplies.

Hatchcon is the one-stop-shop for hatchery necessities and advice. The company offers everything a hatchery may need: from consultancy and support with implementation, to hatching eggs and inventory. To be able to offer solutions in all hatchery fields and for every budget, Hatchon maintains a dynamic assortment in which value for money without compromising on quality is the standard. Unique is the fact that the company supplies both new and used machinery.

How Hatchcon works

Operating a hatchery is in many ways challenging. It demands a lot of know-how, patience and expertise. But next to these shills, hatcheries need to be equipped with quality machinery and inventory to be able to realize a high outcome.

Many hatcheries invest in new equipment, such as incubators and hatchery inventory. However, used machinery may be a good and economic alternative. Hatchcon trades and installs such inventories. By doing so, high quality becomes affordable. With a lot of technical know-how, thought, and a bit of love the machines are prepared for another life of hatching healthy chicks.

Used incubators and inventories most often come from hatcheries that have discontinued their business, or are expanding and renewing the facilities. Hatchcon travels to such hatcheries to observe and check if the equipment is in proper working order, and if it may still be used for at least another 15 years. When convinced of the quality, everything is shipped to the The Netherlands, where all parts are manually checked and if necessary repaired and tested again.

Hatchcon offers around the clock support in case technical errors occurs. Spare parts are quickly replaced, advice is given or the hatchery is personally visited to resolve the problem.

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