Now and then

Founding father Willem Torsius started Broederij Torsius back in 1953. When his son John took over it marked its start as a family business. At our hatchery we do everything possible to hatch strong and healthy Cobb parent day old chicks. Cobb is well known for its excellent growth rate, low feed conversion rate and most of all its first class meat quality.

Our hatchery is modern and fully equipped with state of the art inventory. The pictures on the side illustrate how quickly innovation and technology in the poultry industry have developed. Also at our company time did not stand still.

To maintain the high outcome level, we completely renewed the floor throughout the entire hatchery in 2015. The smooth surface will prevent the eggs from cracking during transportation within the hatchery. The quality and construction of the floor directly affects the company results and thus contributes significantly to operational productivity.


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